Health App to Drive Health Benefits
for the Differently Abled

Cross platform health solution weaving in wheelchairs, mobile and web




iOS, Android, PHP, Drupal, Postgre SQL



A user focussed solution which would integrate mobile, wheelchair and the web for seamless data flow. This system would be accessed by both clinicians and patients, via different access screens. It should be able to monitor patient well-being, by tracking movements and exercises completed, as per the activity schedule set by their physician.


A solution which comprised of a web interface for clinicians to monitor and update fitness routines, and an intuitive mobile app which is connected to the wheelchair via Bluetooth, and does not require too many steps to get the information across. The app would prompt users to stick to the health regime and help them meet exercise goals.


A simplistic solution which was built on user experience and ease of navigation, ensured easy acceptance by healthcare practitioners as well as users. Bluetooth connectivity with wheelchairs offered continuous monitoring with no manual intervention required to track or log the exercise performed.


Our mobility experts built a health platform for both medical practitioners and users, to monitor movements and help users adhere to a prescribed physical regime for superior health benefits. The benefits of the platform was brought forth in the form of seamless integration across mobile and web, enabling ease of use and data availability.