Data insights and visualization dashboards delivered through Power BI for a leading energy enterprise

A Case Study In Business Intelligence

An industry leader in cloud based loan origination required complex dashboards and quick data visualization options to reduce overheads and speed up processes. Time was key and a solution which required fewer updates and intervention was the need. Power BI brought the required power of querying and data modelling which helped to solve the client challenges.

Client Challenge

A custom implementation for a complex dashboard using SQL Server and SSRS reports were causing overhead and required regular updates. In spite of this, the visualizations did not meet the required mark when they had to filter based on loans within a region or to interpret current business trends.


iNatrix implemented a Microsoft Power BI solution where data from MS SQL Server was connected with power query and a data modeling relationship was created based on the client requirement. Data extracted was also used with the in built tax functions; Q&A and row level security options were used to build the custom reports. Different data models were created to filter based on client requirements.

Technology Stack

  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • SSRS Report