AI as a Service

Bring the power of Artificial Intelligence to your Cloud Applications

What do Public Clouds Already Offer?

Public clouds providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud have spent time and effort in building product lines centred about Machine Learning capabilities. IBM has also brought forth their Watson capabilities to public cloud providers via Kubernetes containers.

What Can We Achieve For You?

Why do You Need a Tailored AI Solution?

Standardization and Automation are primary players when it comes to faster service delivery. Cloud service delivery has been fuelled by the widespread adoption of DevOps and when AI is brought in, a more focused outlook on how DevOps can be effectively utilized for AI services.

  •   Innovative solutions on those tough to crack problem areas
  •   Domain specific automation requirements which results in a truly automated decision process
  •   More control on costs, when using specific AI tools for faster process automation implementations
  •   Enhance productivity to levels that were not considered feasible earlier