AI for Sales & Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing, sales and augmenting overall customer experience


Is understanding your vast data the concern? Or you are not sure how to arrive at the right metrics? Measuring marketing’s contribution and the story behind Qualified Leads, can be understood by weighing in factors which complement and drive customer satisfaction.

An AI solution can help you get the perfected solution and machine learning can deliver accuracy and speed, which has never been seen before.

How will Artificial Intelligence change tasks for a sales personnel?

Data input, retrieval, determining call lists, updating preferences

Repetitive customer responses, email data capture and follow ups

Lead segmentation, preference updates and prioritization

Build target profile lists and identify risk profiles to prevent churn

Coach team on best practices and ensure processes are followed

Artificial Intelligence in Sales & Marketing

Expanding your CRM capabilities with Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Speech Analytics

Transcribe and analyse calls with call analytics. Assess emotional states to optimize customer experiences and prevent escalations.

Superior Customer Service

Automate common responses and direct challenging tickets to experienced support professionals.

Predictive Lead Assessment

Evaluate industry, social and past CRM data to forecast lead conversion propensity and further increase account based marketing ROI.