Data analysis delivers meaningful actionable insights

Data Analytics Solutions

Data Analysis is the process of identifying meaningful and actionable information from the silos or collection of enterprise data. The process of data analysis is governed by the goals and is not restricted to tools, methods or the kind of data – structure or unstructured.

Why do you need it?

The goal of an efficient data management program is to provide effective information based on the data analysis. This is most critical step in the data management cycle, it helps you to unlock the potential hidden within the data owned by you.

  • Identify business critical KPI’s and measure them
  • Identify the unexplored blue ocean arena for your business
  • Take informed decision based on the truth revealed by data

How can we help?

We help ISVs and other end user organizations deliver business analytics and data visualization solutions to their end users across industries. Drawing on the vast experience of our subject matter experts in Data Warehousing, Visualization, Analytics and Support, iNatrix’s Services include strategic consulting to develop business intelligence roadmaps, implementing the solution and life-time support post deployment.

iNatrix has been partnering with businesses across an array of verticals including healthcare, mortgage, education and retail among many others, to deliver enterprise as well as consumer solutions. With deep knowledge of business drivers across these domains, iNatrix is positioned to leverage technology and the right resources to help its customers with meaningful insights to derive actionable results.

We deliver solutions across technologies that includes – Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Data Stage, Talend, Jasper Soft, Pentaho, Birt, Qlikview, Tableau, R, SAS, Stata etc.