Data Discovery

Create impactful data discovery methods to uncover unexplored opportunities

What is the Data Discovery?

Data discovery is a term related to business intelligence technology, involving the collection of data from various databases and silos and consolidating it into a single source that can be easily and instantly evaluated. It is a different approach to analytics that increases agility, democratizes analytics, and complements enterprise practices. Data discovery fills the gap between traditional BI and advanced analytics, and is seen as the path paved towards future data handling and analytics.

What is the need of Data Discovery?

Data discovery helps identify patterns in the data, to help select the right tool for reporting. Scalability and performance are the core components in any BI application, helping you achieve goals with precision. Many organizations see the data discovery tools as an end user, self-service option for business data. Big Data Discovery” is the next big trend in analytics. It’s the logical combination of three of the hottest trends of the last few years in analytics: Big Data, Data Discovery, and Data Science.

Use case for Data Discovery

Ecommerce platforms have incoming data from varied sources like bob servers, customer portals, SFTP, various raw data in different types of files like text, csv etc. This scattered data is collected and stored in a centralized SQL database by running the scheduled jobs and further used for data analysis in power BI reports.