Enterprise Data Warehouse

A practical approach to viewing your past and assessing for thr future

What is an Enterprise Data Warehouse?

An Enterprise Data Warehouse is a unified data store which not only holds all the business information of an organization but also is the single version of truth for all reporting needs across the domain.

It consolidates data from multiple sources and provides information to the business users/ consumer as per individual security access. Data security, scalability, performance etc. are some key advantages of a centralized repository of data for quick visualization along with the data security.

What is the need of EDW?

An Enterprise Data Warehouse helps to integrate data from multiple sources by a common technique of ETL (Extraction, Transformation & Load) which will help a developer to design reports/ visualization for a business user, helping them answer questions for better business strategy and take corrective measures when required. It supports the decision-making process by providing the right information when required, as decisions closely vibrate around timelines in any domain. It helps to unfold perspectives of business leading to success.

Use case for EDW

A client in the education space required to build an application for tracking students’ application status. We created data warehouse tables with relation and ETL SSIS packages to pull data from Oracle to SQL pre-staging, staging and archive tables in destination. Also we uploaded the response regarding student information to his/her application in Archive table in SQL and Oracle. The data in EDW, can now be used by the web application for downloading and uploading students’ updates.