Enterprise Data Warehousing sorts your data and stores it for future analysis

Enterprise Data Warehousing

Data warehousing emphasizes the capture of data from diverse sources for useful analysis and access. Typically, a data warehouse is housed on an enterprise mainframe server or increasingly, in the cloud. Data from various online transaction processing (OLTP) applications and other sources is selectively extracted for use by analytical applications and user queries. The data warehouse supports online analytical processing (OLAP), which enables high-level end users to gain insight into business operations through interactive and iterative access to the stored data. This enables business executives to improve corporate strategies and operational decision making by querying the data warehouse to examine business processes, performance and trends.

From an IT perspective, separating the analytical processes in a data warehouse from the operational processes in the production applications and transactions can enhance the performance of both areas. From a business perspective, a data warehouse platform can deliver a practical way to view the past without affecting the daily operations of the business. By querying and analyzing data in the data warehouse, organizations can improve operations and enable more efficient business processes, thereby increasing revenue and raising profits.

Why do you need it?

Data warehouses tend to have a very high query success as they have complete control over the four main areas of data management systems.

  • Clean data
  • Indexes: multiple types
  • Query processing: multiple options
  • Security: data and access
  • Easy report creation
  • Enhanced access to data and information

How can we help?

We help ISVs and other end user organizations deliver business analytics and data visualization solutions to their end users across industries. Drawing on the vast experience of our subject matter experts in Data Warehousing, Visualization, Analytics and Support, iNatrix’s Services include strategic consulting to develop business intelligence roadmaps, implementing the solution and life-time support post deployment.

iNatrix has been partnering with businesses across an array of verticals including healthcare, mortgage, education and retail among many others, to deliver enterprise as well as consumer solutions. With deep knowledge of business drivers across these domains, iNatrix is positioned to leverage technology and the right resources to help its customers with meaningful insights to derive actionable results.

We deliver solutions across technologies that includes – Microsoft, Oracle, IBM Data Stage, Talend, Jasper Soft, Microsoft Power BI, Azure Data Factory, Pentaho, Birt, Qlikview, Tableau, R, SAS, Stata etc.