Consulting & Advisory

Thinking transformation through with new age technology


Meeting hardware and software requirements are the easier parts of a digitization process. A long term, adaptable vision is the key in helping a technology overhaul succeed and to help businesses thrive in an era of innovation first.

Bain estimates that revenues for public and private cloud hardware, software and services amount to $180 billion, or 16% of the $1.1 trillion enterprise IT industry. More than 90% of current customer demand for the cloud comes from replacing or upgrading existing, non-mission critical applications and from the creation of new digital businesses.

Robotic Process Automation

Assessing feasibility is top priority when you are looking to automate your business processes. We assess each process to determine the Automation Assessment Score, and with the detailed scorecard customers have a clear vision of the path ahead towards RPA.

Arriving at an Automation Score

We consider some salient business requisites which will ensure a successful RPA output. We help you evaluate requirements and assess automation success based on the following –

  • Percentage of transactional or rule based processes in the enterprise
  • Current process dependencies
  • Potential cost advantage in terms of ROI
  • Advantages beyond the cost aspect

Microsoft Technologies

Cloud has changed the way businesses run and interact, with customers, vendors, and employees. While the growth in cloud computing has defied the expectations of many, there is evidence that the cloud is still in the formative stages. Microsoft has been on the forefront of cloud adoption with a host of technologies available to cross link and help in optimization of business processes.