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The democratization of Travel and Hospitality industry combined with e-commerce and near elimination of traditional intermediary channels have increased complete focus on customer experience, quality delivery and customer satisfaction. There is an increased pressure on price points and intense competition from ‘light-weight’ business models. The industry is trying to improve operation performance as well as invest in innovation. To balance both these demands, to stay relevant and efficient, the industry needs to focus on some of these new areas.

New Age travel and hospitality is driven by personalized experiences and e-commerce. The industry needs to ensure the right mix to reap the benefits of digital innovation.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The new age traveler is driven by the ‘interactive’ and ‘intuitive’. Be it the interaction on e-commerce travel sites or on social sites the user demands an enhanced experience. This calls for investments in user experience design and usability of travel sites and portals.

Understanding your customer journey is imperative for a great design, and in many cases much more than multi device and multi-channel presence. And, the design needs to be intuitive and provide for responsive design across various form factors.

We have quite a few products which we envisioned, developed and delivered, and this is our design approach.

Enhanced Customer Insight

For a better experience, customer insights are critical. Travelers are relying more and more on peer reviews, travelogues and social media inputs alongside a more personalized experience.

Many travel and hospitality enterprises sit on lot of customer data but they are mostly fragmented across various silos – booking systems, loyalty programs, payment systems, etc. Therefore, it is very critical to capture real time data from multiple sources and improve demand forecasting, guest profiling and resource allocation. This data could be both unstructured and structured in nature. Technology analyzes the data from multiple sources and formats to provide insights into customer preferences and requirement.

  • - Improve cross sell/upsell
  • - Optimize pricing and yield
  • - Personalize campaigns
  • - Cultivate brand loyalty
  • - Improve marketing efficiency
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Always connected

Mobility has therefore permeated every aspect of travel engagement and operations management. No travel service provider can ignore the impact of mobility and ‘connected’ experience across different form factors. Customers rely on apps for their complete travel management– from booking, to reviews to ordering ancillary services.

With wearables, the connected experience has extended to tasks like alerts, updates and many social interactions. New technology offerings in mobile and connected technology provides option to provide such connected experience without replicating platforms across devices and form factors.

Cross platform apps help in bridging the gap, creating your mobile presence and getting it right the first time around.

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