Managed Services

Traversing the path to future business services

A model where there are no staff and where no program is managed in-house. Every decision is taken for optimization within the set parameters to meet business requirements. These processes are reviewed further by the business to ensure minimum risk in a cost effective manner.

Implementation process

Application Support

Leverage managed services and focus on core business goals.

Service Levels

To truly add value, transformation efforts require focus, a proven methodology and process expertise. This is why leading companies are turning to the managed services approach. Along with well-defined service levels, the process becomes less cumbersome and simple to manage.

Incident priority Priority Definition
Critical Emergency situation with severe business impact
High Incidents that affect business and users but can continue with reduced functionality
Medium Incidents that affect only few users performing standard business operations
Low Incident with low impact on the business and only affects specific users
Review Period Focus Areas
Weekly review
  • Accomplishments review, major issues/ highlights
  • Performance metrics: No of incidents resolved, response, resolution SLA adherence
  • Weekly call volume reports
  • Review of planned maintenance activities
Monthly engagement review
  • Monthly review
  • Major activities and accomplishments
  • Release management
  • SWOT Analysis
Quarterly review
  • SLA adherence review
  • Continuous service improvement plan reviews
  • Overall project performance reviews