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Robotic Process Automation: Technology builds a cost advantage

The financial services industry has been riddled under cost pressure to complete processes efficiently, but numerous manual tasks such as translating documentation requirements into emails and tracking items on paper forms, has made it very challenging. In turn, the cost of these manual processes and inefficiencies are borne by the customers in the form of increased fees and costs. Digitization has transformed the processes and given the power to simplify the process, and processes in themselves have been vastly reduced with the help of new age technology, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA reduced costs by removing manual processes, which also adds immense value to customers and employees. Error free processes that move along quickly, without any dependence on human capital, ensures human capital is utilized in higher value activities that drive sustainability of growth and improvement of experience.

Whitepaper: Robotics in Banking Operations

The industry is focussing on bringing down traditional business process outsourcing with RPA bots. Understand specific usecases where RPA bots stand to solve challenges around time and accuracy.

Benefits of RPA in Financial Industry

How does RPA fit into mortgage lending?

RPA has various uses across the mortgage lending industry, ranging from fraud check, loan user assignment to vendor billing reconciliation. Here, we take a look at 3 of the many uses Bots have been implemented for, across the industry.

Automate and streamline investment amount withdrawal process

Withdrawal request received is verified for its validity and processed by the RPA bot, by creating a new request record in their subsidiary banks investment account.

Automate and Streamline the liability management process

Quarterly balance sheets from various fund houses are analysed and automatically uploaded into relevant internal tools by the RPA Bot. Manual errors are rectified and re-balance summary generated.

Automate and streamline capital information collection process

The RPA bot securely signs into the web platform, scraps investment firm capital information, and then proceeds to organize this data as programmed for next steps.

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Given the potential RPA offers, especially with regard to productivity, transparency and regulatory compliance, firms across the globe have embarked on wide-scale implementation projects for various operational processes.

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