How does Automation work?

Digital speed to business processes is high priority to many industries, and those who embrace the new wave of robotics technology stand to be profoundly impacted by the transformation their workforce will experience. Robotic process automation is a different way to think about business processes and how you can manage and work solutions for them. Each of the steps in automation will reduce cost, improve delivery and consistently maintain quality of your outcomes.

Front Office (FO) robots reside on a machine, under the control of the employee responsible, and run supporting features in the background while the person performs other, higher-value work. Back office (BO) robots run unattended automation as virtual machines, and they run high volume back office transactions in batch mode.

What Processes can you Automate?

Information Extraction

Extract relevant information and translate into appropriate formats

Document Formatting

Automating standardizations of content branding and formatting

Data Management

Consolidating and re-aligning ERP data for business use

Work Scheduling

Automating work assignment for robotic tasks and performance tracking