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Intelligence | Automation | Mavericks

We are Mavericks

iNatrix was a derivation from the words Intelligence, Automation and Mavericks.

We are a Nalashaa group company focused on emergent technologies namely Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. We help to build intelligent automation solutions, and here we do not limit ourselves to basic system automation or test automation. We automate business processes and tasks employing BOTs – systems that can learn, making your devices learn and act.

The technology you use, impresses no one. The experience you create with it is Everything.

Our Journey

Our Philosophy

Think Simple. Build Powerful.

We strongly believe, simplicity is the key to powerful solutions.

Collaborate and Own

The best solutions are result of great collaborations and sense of ownership. We don’t build solutions for our clients. We build solutions that we are proud of.

Our Culture

While as a company we focus on automation, connected devices, robotics etc, our core values are all about being good human beings.

Our culture is based on the basic human tenets

Respect all & everything we do

Learn from all and everything we do

Nothing comes in the way of fun

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Let’s build some great solutions together and have greater fun together.

Speak with us, explore possibilities and understand what more you can achieve.

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